Writing for Podcasts: Interview with Roger Mellen

History 390 Spring 2020
Writing for Podcasts: Interview with Roger Mellen

This is episode #2 of our course podcast for Hist 390-004: The Digital Past: Doing Oral History in the Digital Age, featuring an interview segment with Roger Mellen about writing techniques for podcasts and broadcast journalism. Dr. Mellen is Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Media Studies at New Mexico State University and an Adjunct Professor of U.S. History at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Before he became a professor, he spent two decades as a broadcast journalist, primarily working in local television news. He worked as a news producer, assistant news director, and video editor for local affiliates of PBS, CBS, NBC, and ABC and won a number of awards. He also graduated from George Mason University’s PhD program in history in 2007. His academic focus is on early American history and history of the press. He’s the author of many publications, including his book: The Origins of a Free Press in Prerevolutionary Virginia: Creating a Culture of Political Dissent (The Edwin Mellen Press, 2009). We did the interview over zoom on April 3, 2020. Music credits: Blue Wave Theory, Skyhawk Beach. Free Music Archive, CC-BY-SA; Dee Jays, Sunday Patrol, in: Australian Surf Collection: Board Boogie, mid 1960s, found on the Internet Archive, https://archive.org/details/AUSTRALIANSURFCOLLECTION ; 28 Timed Sound Effects, Digitized Vinyl Record, Internet Archive Folksoundomy Collection, 1970, https://archive.org/details/28TimedSoundEffectsRecord

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